Super 73 Electric Bikes

Explore the Ultimate Super 73 Collection at Ride Electric Australia

Welcome to the world of electric bikes! Discover the exhilarating ride and unmatched style of Super 73 electric bikes. Whether you're seeking a dynamic urban cruiser or an off-road explorer, the Super 73 collection has you covered.

Super 73 Australia: Revolutionizing Your Ride

Experience the future of transportation in Australia with Super 73 electric bikes. Designed to deliver performance, style, and sustainability, these bikes are perfect for city streets and rugged terrains. Each Super 73 model is a masterpiece of engineering, combining powerful electric motors with ergonomic designs to ensure a comfortable and thrilling ride.

• Easily detachable battery
• Various pedal-assist modes
• IoT screen displaying range and maximum speed

Join the Revolution, Welcome to The Super Community

It's not just a bike – it's an entry into a vibrant community. Our global Super Squad is composed of enthusiastic riders who embrace excitement, self-expression, and inclusiveness.

Fat Tyre E-Bike: Where Charm Meets Performance

The SUPER73-S2 comes with BDGR tyres that combine elements of both motorcycle and traditional bike tyre design to enhance grip, reduce noise on the road, and provide greater stability. The Super73 RX-E also incorporates the recently introduced BDGR tyre. With a width of 5 inches, the all-new BDGR tyre stands as the broadest and most formidable 20” all-terrain fat tyre available on he market.

Uniquely Yours

Super73 is deeply dedicated to breaking the mold and pushing limits. Boasting a wide range of accessories and customization choices, riders can effortlessly push their own boundaries.

Complete with a powerful front light, a rear brake light, and options for a robust cargo rack, it's great for commuter vehicle or a weekend cruiser. Pack your gym gear, toolbox, and you're daily set.

These bikes come with a comfortable motorbike style seat, a durable kickstand, a detachable battery for convenient charging, and off-road tyres for exceptional grip.

A Super73 isn't just a gift – it's a unique, life-enhancing, and awesome present for anyone. Embark on your adventure with a Super73!