What is required to submit a warranty?

For a warranty to be successfully submitted, these 5 bits of information are required.

  1. A proof of purchase.
  2. The Serial Number of the product (if available).
  3. Battery Serial Number (if available).
  4. Faulty part Serial Number (if available).
  5. Pictures or video of the fault including pictures of the serial numbers.

What is covered under warranty?

Ride Electric brands and accessories are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are inspected and tested before leaving the factory. In addition to any statutory rights and remedies you may have, Ride Electric warrants its products sold new in Australia via an Authorised dealer against defective workmanship and faulty material from the date of purchase by the end customer for the corresponding period set out in the Classification below.


Smartmotion Bikes ZERO VSETT


2 years*

1 year

1 year


2 years*

1 year

1 year

Parts and Accessories

1 year*

1 year

1 year


3 years*

1 year

1 year

* - Please check your owner’s manual as there maybe differences for newer models.

This warranty will not apply in the following cases:

1. Any defect or damage which is a result of repair, alteration or modification carried out without the written permission of Ride Electric and/or Partners.

2. Any defect or damage which is a result of the use of parts not manufactured, sold or approved by Ride Electric and its Partners for any replacement or repair.

3. The product is operated on an electrical supply which differs from the ratings specified on the product.

4. The product is damaged as a direct result of incorrect installation or being used for a purpose for which it not designed, sold or otherwise not in accordance with any instructions for installation and use.

5. If changes occur in the condition or operational qualities of the product due to incorrect storage, climate or any other influence outside the control of Ride Electric and its Partners.

6. The product is damaged as a result of operating the product incorrectly or when it was known to be defective.

7. When parts requiring replacement due to normal wear and tear were not replaced including the replacement of the following parts: fuses, seals, plugs/terminals, tubes, tyres, brake pads and similar parts.

8. When regular servicing did not take place.

9. When damage is caused directly or indirectly by lack of user care, electrical storm damage or incorrect power supply.

10. When the cause of a defect or damage is due to operator error.

11. Minor deviations in the specifications or performance of the product that do not materially impact its value or suitability.

Not too sure if it is a warranty?

If in doubt, fill it out. We will have a technician contact you to help you through any problems you have with one of our products.